Hi, my name is John Hawksley and I’m a senior software  engineer for Intergral GmbH, a small software company near Stuttgart, Germany.  I work on the FusionReactor APM product.  My professional fields of interest are on the software page.

In my spare time I like to read, write and play music, and dabble in photography.   I like to play video games and I have an interest in computing history, particularly the large systems on which I first cut my teeth.

I love aviation:  flying, spotting, aircraft and ATC technology and naturally flying online.  I first started to fly with the RAF as a boy (DHC Chipmunk – slow but fully aerobatic) and from there also became interested in commercial flight simulation, starting with Rediffusion Simulation  (now Thales Training and Simulation.) 

Sometimes I write software to solve problems I have.