Bash: aws-sts

aws-sts takes the marginally-useful JSON output from the aws sts command and generates shell code that can be fed into eval.

Useful for those of use with MFA enabled on our accounts. In an MFA CLI environment, your ACCESS_KEY_ID

Running VisualVM on MacOS

As of writing, VisualVM 1.4.2 is the newest version of VVM available. This doesn’t currently run against Java 12, and will bomb with an error dialogue if you try.

If you’ve installed Java 12 on Mac, it will be the …

AWS Elastic Beanstalk – Pitfalls

It’s pretty easy to get lost in the immense product palette offered by Amazon Web Services.  There’s everything from bare-bones virtual machines (EC2) through fast database provisioning (RDS) to Machine Learning (AML).  For any given requirement, you’re probably going …


Not a layered manual product from DEC, but Bernd Ulmann – a man who loves old hardware.


Bernd also shares my fascination for SAGE and the AN/FSQ7 (he even wrote the book on it – if anyone’s feeling generous