Abfallwirtschaft Stuttgart (AWS) – Google Calendar Linkage

Good News / Bad News:

Good news: it looks like AWS are now including Gelber Sack recycling dates in their ICAL (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar) exports of rubbish collection data.

Bad news: I couldn’t find a form with which to generate the URL for a Google Calendar subscription.

Good news: I managed to rescue my old one.

The general form of the URL is this:



  • The street name and number must be exactly as recorded in the Stuttgart GIS (this can be checked using the official city mapping service
  • If the underlying GIS can’t find the address, the following error is returned: “Es wurde keine StandortID angegeben (which isn’t an accurate message, but it’s what you get.)

You can check this in a browser: if a file is returned, the URL is correct and can be pasted into Google Calendar and subscribed as an external calendar.

AWS also offer their own app (details here) which can apparently also add the calendar to your mobile.

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