Tracking Apple Hardware Orders with option “Deliver to Store”

Apple hardware orders for pickup at an Apple Store don’t get detailed shipping information other than an expected arrival date at the store itself.

Apple do use UPS (presumably among others) to ship from manufacturing to stores, so the tracking can be found using the following simple process:

  • Wait for Apple to email you your bill.  When it arrives, have a little cry, then obtain the Delivery Note number (in German this is the Lieferschein number)
  • Plug this into UPS’ Track by Reference Number (rather than UPS number) form.

This number is one of about 8 reference numbers attached to the shipment, and can therefore be used to locate it within UPS.

These shipments aren’t eligible for UPS MyChoice tracking, because their target address is the store, not you — but you can still set up the usual Quantum View email alerts on them to get progress notifications. 

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